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Cloud Computing

We conduct research that addresses two primary cloud-computing challenges: cloud data security and cloud latency. With the trend of cloud computing booming, companies are considering moving their applications to the cloud infrastructure, hoping to reduce overall operational costs. The cloud services market is growing fast but not so do the service provider offerings, which often vary only in terms of guaranteed storage capacity and bandwidth. Aspects such as data security or performance guarant... more

Network Technology, Mobility and Security

Protection against attacks in IP telephony The area of ​​IP telephony has undergone considerable development and expansion over the last fifteen years. This service is subject to attacks typical within IP infrastructure and to specific security risks. The main objective of this project is research, design and experimental verification of mechanisms to detect and protect against attacks on IP telephony and voice services. Our goal is to focus on systems protecting agai... more

3D Mobile Internet

The project focuses on various topics of mobile computer graphics and virtual reality. Our goal is to design and develop technologies for user-friendly 3D Internet worlds for all kind of devices. Currently we are developing a talking head on a mobile phone. Using speech recognition and synthesis the head will be able naturally speak with the user. Our virtual worlds and more info: ... more


The goal of the project is to design and set up an online voice transcription centre for the hearing-impaired. The transcription will initially be carried out by professional human quick-writers, while our future goal is to automate the transcription. The project is a collaboration of RDC/CTU and the Czech Union of the Hearing-Impaired (CUN). During the... more

Voice Services

The idea of the Voice Services project is to provide telecommunication infrastructure for the extraction of information from Web and subsequently to present it to a user using speech recognition and synthesis. To achieve this, the variety of advanced technologies, provided by partners or developed internally, is used: Thanks to courtesy of IBM Research, Voice Technologies, the project has been given an IBM WebSphere Voice Server license for voice-driven applica... more

Mobile BCI

Architecture and applications integrating mobile devices and brain-signal readers.... more

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